Friday, August 26, 2011

Sponge Activities

I was at a workshop this summer and a person mentioned sponge activities. These are for the classroom when some students have completed work, or have some choice about work to do. The idea is to create a resource of ideas for student work. They are ideas that usually only take a short amount of time to complete, but help a student dig deeper into an area you are studying. It is also an opportunity for students to create sponges for other students. An example in my classroom is about Lewis and Clark. I have a large poster in the back showing the U.S. as a country in 1803. An activity will be for students to create info cards about any state, from that time period, and attach them to the poster.

Google Apps

I am taking a class today on Google Apps. Far too many items to explain, but the presenter Jessica Wilson said it was fine to give out the link to her website: CLICK

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Using Bar codes (QR) for the classroom

This is a very cool idea that I found on Diigo. It is a way to use bar codes in the class. Click


I have been using Diigo for about 6 months. I am very impressed. A great bookmarking site with all of the social networking capabilities built in. As a middle school teacher I continually have to work around COPPA (law that prevents people under 13 from joining internet sites). Diigo has an educators account that lets you be the administrator for a school group. I would always advise getting parental permission first! If you don't know about this check it out at