Wednesday, March 28, 2012

PLN at work in the class

We talked quite a bit today at a tech meeting about what classrooms need to look like. We hit upon a major theme that we termed audience. Everyone in our group chipped in about how we can make student work relevant by bringing an audience to them. It is no longer an audience of one (the teacher) for our students. It struck me how important it was for me to build a robust PLN to bring these audiences into the classroom. I can now see that if my network is really strong my role as a teacher will have changed. I am starting to think of myself as a conduit as much as a facilitator.


  1. It's a great idea; students need to see the importance of their words and how important supporting their ideas are.

  2. SO many things will change as your network grows. You'll be introduced to new ideas, new articles and books, and so much more. You'll also be able to model lifelong learning to your students. The first time a students says, "Will people see this?" then you'll know how differently they think about work they do for you vs work they do for the world.

    Good luck!

  3. Yeah, I'm growing my PLN at the moment as well. I'm also trying to get my students to start to grown their own. It's an uphill battle but I'm sure that when they see how people can grow, they'll see the light. Keep up the work!

  4. Alan,

    Sharing and audience are huge in my humble opinion-- first steps on the way to collaboration!

    You mention you're now seeing yourself as a conduit--
    I'm wondering too if network administrator might be a possibility--
    Leveraging your network for their learning? and possibly helping them with the creation of their own?
    Best wishes,